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DMATEK was dedicated in developing chip controllers and software which are widely used in industry Bschools Band other areas, such as Intel MPU, CYPRESS USB PSOC, TI DSP.
       As the ARM system is populating and ARM products are used in more and more areas with its high-performance and low-cost trait, we are now applying ourselves to develop products based on ARM, and we have made a great success. Now DMATEK becomes the provider of embedded hardware and software, we also provide solutions for our customers. Our product relate to consume electronics
Bindustrial controlBnetwork and intelligent household appliances. 

The main product we provide is:

  •  Development Tools Bcontrollers and Application LAB for CYPRESS USB ]FX ICE / FX2 ICE /PSOC^
  • Development Tools and teaching platforms based on ARM]ARM7 / ARM9 /XScale / ARM11^
  • solutionsGGPS for car navigationBindustrial control platformBvideo monitoring and products based on ARM

      To offer the best service and the best product is the aim we are pursuing.